Mou Between Biking Club And Private Property Owner

Austin Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club
P.O. Box 300014
Austin, TX 78703-0014
April 27, 2004

Land Owner’s Name
Wimberley, TX, 78676

Memorandum of Understanding

Note: This MOU constitutes solely as a guide to the obligations, intentions, and policies of the parties involved.

This is a Memorandum of Understanding between the Austin Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club and its associates (the club) (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization) and (Land Owner’s Name) covering the design and construction of a natural surface, singletrack trail (trail, tread) on (Land Owner’s Name)’s Lone Man Mountain property located on the northeast corner of Ranch Road 12 and County Road 183 at 101 Lone Man Mountain Road, Wimberley, TX, 78676. This MOU constitutes solely as a guide to the intentions and policies of the parties involved, and is not a legally binding contract.

The following responsibilities have been identified and are proposed to be agreed to by both parties:

  • The club may enlist the help of the Camino Real Mountain Bike Club, the Austin Flyers and the South Texas Off Road Mountain Bike Club (associates) on this project.
  • The club and/or associates will design, lay out, and construct a trail on the above-mentioned land using volunteers and club tools and accoutrements with no cost to (Land Owner’s Name)s except as described below.
  • The trail will be designed so as to adhere to the following restrictions; a.) To refrain from building the trail on the one (1) acre of land owned by AT&T that comprises the top of Lone Man Mountain, b.) To refrain from building the trail on the approximately five (5) acres designated as her ranch hand”s acreage located in the southeast corner of her property, and c.) To maintain the integrity of the pre-Civil War rock wall that is on the property.
  • The club has been given permission to use the existing “trail”, which consists of approximately 10 miles of greater than a 10″ wide path, as needed.
  • (Land Owner’s Name) will provide access to the club and its representatives for the purpose of assessing, laying out, and constructing the trail at the club”s convenience.
  • If necessary and possible, (Land Owner’s Name) will provide a securable place to stow club tools when they are not in use.
  • (Land Owner’s Name) has expressed interest in allowing mountain biking events such as races to take place on the trails. Potentially, the club may decide to relocate its Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association (TMBRA) race venue to Lone Man Mountain, and (Land Owner’s Name) has expressed approval for this.
  • (Land Owner’s Name) reserves the right to charge a nominal access fee to use the trails and associated facilities (indoor and outdoor showers, a bike wash station, camping, etc.)
  • The parties agree that for every eight (8) hours a person volunteers to help assess, lay out, and build the trail that person will receive one free pass equal to two (2) days for use of the Lone Man Mountain trail and facilities.
  • (Land Owner’s Name) agrees to allow the club to use the Lone Man Mountain trail and facilities for a minimum period of five (5) years starting from the date of completion of the construction of the trail.
  • The club agrees to construct and complete the trail within a reasonable amount of time.

In the event the Michaelis” their heirs and/or assigns sell the property prior to the initial five year period after completion of the trail, a monetary compensation will be donated to the mountain bike club(s) for unused access time.