Banff, Canada’s oldest and likely most iconic national park, has a special place in the heart of many Canadians. It has the reputation to inspire and instill a sense of awe in any who visit. Wether you climb one of its many mountain peaks or just view the scenery from the townsite, it’s likely you will leave with a heightened appreciation for the rocky mountains.

It’s fitting then, that the Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance also stands as an important organization for Canadian mountain bikers both in Banff and the rest of Canada. Pre-dating the formation of IMBA Canada, the BVMBA represents a critically important relationship between Canadian mountain bikers and Parks Canada. This relationship helped Parks Canada to understand that mountain biking is a viable visitor experience that should be developed and cultivated.

Justin and I were pleased to show our support by joining in on one of the Wednesday night builds; part of the clubs effort to enhance the physical and social sustainability of trails by rerouting problematic fall line sections of trail to one more along the contour. A big part of the success of the BVMBA is the high level of professionalism that they bring to the table, allowing for these types of projects to easily get the green light. We look forward to seeing how the relationship between Parks Canada and mountain bike organizations continues to evolve and grow.

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