Bike Park Maintenance Tasks

The following list suggests some of the important tasks for keeping a bike park facility in top shape.

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Maximizing MTB Opportunities at Ski Areas

Opportunities and considerations gleaned from the evolution of snow-sport resorts into summer mountain biking playgrounds.

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Future of Bike Parks & Flow Trails

How Bike Parks, Ski Resorts and Flow Trails are Enhancing the Mountain Biking Experience.

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New partnership with Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association

June 30, 2016 -- IMBA Canada is proud to announce the establishment of an integral partnership with the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBIA) as its recognized…

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First Annual IMBA Canada National Advocacy Survey Launches For Clubs And Trail Organizations

Just over a year ago IMBA Canada launched it's council program with the formation of the first IMBA Canada Provincial Council in British Columbia.

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First Annual IMBA Canada National Advocacy Survey Launches For Individuals

July 10, 2017 IMBA Canada prides itself on being the national voice of mountain biking. We strive to echo the wants and needs of riders across the country and to make our…

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Beowulf Announced As Most Recent IMBA Epic

IMBA Canada is excited to announce the newest addition to the list of IMBA Epics for 2017, the 35km long Beowulf at the SilverStar Mountain Resort.

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Sentiers Boréals Offers Great Discounts On Trail Tools For October

October brings the fall season in full swing and with that means cooler temps, fantastic riding conditions and prime trail building time!

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IMBA Canada Supports Access To Canada’s Wild Spaces

Recently, IMBA USA provided written testimony and a press release discussing their opposition to Bill H.R. 1349, which would amend the Wilderness Act to permit mountain bikers…

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Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day – Event Dates

February 6, 2018 -- IMBA Canada is pleased to announce the 2018 dates for Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day!

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