Advocacy and Organizing

between land managers, volunteer groups, and other local stakeholders, such as businesses, private landowners, environmental organizations and community leaders. IMBA’s approach to advocacy and organizing is based on building coalitions among most players like these.

The most fruitful partnerships include mutual agreements between stakeholders to enhance a trail system, improve its management, or simply resolve the conflicts that sometimes arise on trails that are beloved by all. Good partnerships are more than the sum of their parts—they allow diverse groups to come together and create capacity that simply wouldn’t exist without that cooperation.

The web resource in this section help explain the importance of partnerships: how to form them, and describe how successful partnerships have allowed mountain bikers, land managers, and other stakeholders to work together to create some of the most exciting trail systems in the world.


Every mountain biker has the power to help shape the future of our sport. Here are a few easy things you can do to help.

Ride Responsibly.

It’s all about respect — respect for the land and the experiences of other trail users. Stay on the trail and pass other trail users carefully. Follow IMBA’s simple Rules of the Trail.

Join IMBA.

You belong with IMBA! Join us today and help support effective grassroots efforts to improve mountain biking around the globe and in your backyard.

Join Your Local Club.

The work of local and regional mountain bike clubs is essential in keeping trails open for mountain biking. Most clubs organize regular rides, trailwork sessions and social events. By joining your local club, you’ll support grassroots mountain bike advocacy, meet other riders, and learn about great trails to ride that are close to home.

Volunteer for Trailwork.

Trailwork is sweat equity. Land managers and government agencies appreciate reliable, competent volunteers. In the last five years, IMBA members have volunteered nearly one million hours of their time to build new trails and improve existing paths. Trailwork is fun, rewarding, a great workout and it helps assure continuing trail access for our sport. Find IMBA Canada  club and events near you!

Stay Informed.

IMBA Canada posts frequent news releases on our site that provide action steps for individuals who want to get involved. To stay connected with the key issues affecting mountain biking, keep your contact information up to date and visit our website regularly.

Make a Donation.

Support IMBA Canada’s fundraising campaigns: Trail Building Fund and the IMBA Canada Annual Fund. All donations support our mission to ensure that Canada is home to a strong and vibrant mountain biking community, riding a world class network of mountain bike trails.