Following the recent hire of a development (agent) on the wake of the first Québec Trail Summit in April (pictured above), ADSVMQ is proud to announce the implementation of this program in order to link up advocates throughout the province.

Based on IMBA Canada’s Regional Leadership Advisory Council (RLAC), the newly formed council will focus on the challenges facing mountain biking development whether it is concerning infrastructure or the practice itself. By deploying volunteer regional coordinator in all administrative region, ADSVMQ will gain capacity to help the delegates by joining all experiences inside one network of mountain bike advocates. To make this happen, each delegate will be asked to form it’s own forum within his region to link up with other stakeholders. The idea here is to unite their voices in order to achieve their goals of improving mountain biking in their region. Of course, the process will be closely monitered by Francis Tétrault, ADSVMQ’s coordinator.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the work done by Francois Derbas Thibodeau who was able to link up all these individuals on a short period of time but also widens ADSVMQ’s reach inside the province by being able to find actors all the way from Gaspe to the Gatineau region! The first meeting of all regional coordinators is scheduled to happen shortly and their local forums will be asked to attend a maximum of 4 meetings annually which includes the Quebec Trail Summit in early spring just before the season starts. Of course, these new members of ADSVMQ will be the entry point in the region when issues arises or opportunity develop in their region.

If you’d like to know more about the efforts put together or if you would like to meet your local coordinator (or even get involved within the regional forum!), check out the RLAC’s website: (in french)