What a great night with my ol’ crew in Guelph! It never ceases to amaze me that mountain bikers are such a festive bunch, especially when they’re amongst good friends and fellow riders.

Vice President of GORBA, Tim Crosby, going through the agenda.

What were they celebrating at GORBA’s Annual General Meeting?  Only 20 years of mountain bike advocacy and a long list of successes!

GORBA Executive signing up members for 2013.

With a strong connection to IMBA Canada’s roots, GORBA has implemented our programs year after year – with Take Kid Mountain Biking Day and the National Mountain Bike Patrol leading them.  They have also been paramount in providing support to one of our partners, Parks Canada, through the “Learn to Camp” and Toronto Blue Jays “Campout” events, where the “Learn to MTB” component has been a hit for several years now.

Speaking about IMBA Canada’s provincial, national and international efforts.

Thanks again for inviting and hosting IMBA Canada this year, and I look forward to seeing great things for 2013!